Our History

Nilza (founder) and her friend Rosa, have always been passionate believers in the power of the Amazon Rainforest. Their vision was to create a pure and natural skin care range, and reconnect people to nature and the powerful Amazonian plants.

That was when Nilza began looking for the purest place on earth, and found out how powerful the plants from the Amazon Rainforest can be on our skin.

Today we have Naticuma: a natural cosmetics beauty brand, firmly focused on providing healthy skin care.

Completely free from all harmful toxins, the healthy and pure line of Naticuma’s nourishing personal care items, is made only with the highest quality ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest. All our products are natural and 100% cruelty-free, 100% free from artificial colours, artificial fragrances and synthetic chemical preservatives. Beauty as pure as it is powerful. Truly healthy food for your skin.

Nilza Rosa (founder)

Your skin responds best when treated with the right nutrition. Naticuma respects your skin’s natural biology by using all the Amazon Rainforest’s powerful plants and takes care of your skin with essential omegas, probiotics, vitamins and nutrients.

Rosa (co-founder)

Naticuma is a healthy, natural skincare range that not only nourishes your skin, but also actively renews and revives it.


Naticuma collaborates with an internationally recognized pharmaceutical cosmetic laboratory, based in Venice, Italy that gives the combination of innovation, scientific rigour and confidence in the extraordinary capabilities of natural remedies.

Thanks to the technical and scientific skills of its collaborators and to the cooperation with the university centres of Ferrara and Ancona in Italy, Naticuma offers product solutions with the highest quality standards.

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